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More than 20 years of unbroken history has given Times Publications privileged access to the world's leading investors and governments. China Britain Investment Guide is a response to Chinese demand for increased business and partnerships with businesses in Europe and elsewhere. The 2016 edition of the publication will generate measureable and tangible value for all participants generated by a gala networking dinner at the Mayfair Millennium Hotel.


The explosion of digital social media APPS, tablets, and mobile technology platforms have enabled a unique marketing and distribution design, packaged and planned to fit participants target market sectors and regions across China and the UK. Times Publications has harnessed the latest digital formats to ensure that customers' messages and images reaches the vision and ears of targeted audiences across all platforms including PC desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Facebook, ISSU and Twitter.


Targeted subscribers for the project include members of the CBBC, CCOIC, LCC and chambers of Commerce across the UK and China. 100,000 printed copies will also be sold through A1 retail outlets across the UK as a UK-China business travel guide. It will also be sold as the same in China.


China Britain Business Guide is a premium solution for companies seeking to connect with China’s leading investors and businesses. Investors seeking connections in China can be assured that their products and services will impact upon the right targets at all times.


China Britain Investment Guide is an high octane project impacting upon potential targets in the UK and China at all times.

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