Lighting Up the AI Landscape in Two Nations

UK first China Britain AI Summit took place on 22nd last Friday at the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) in London

Posted by Jian Ping Sun on Monday, 25th September 2017

Players in artificial intelligence from China and the United Kingdom came to the summit to build global partnerships, illuminating the AI landscape in China and the UK and catalyze commercial business and investment opportunities.

The President of IET, Professor Jeremy Watson gave an opening address to the attendees, “the Artificial Intelligence has very significant role played UK’s future. In fact many people believe that AI will become the most important technology in the world and I believe collaboration is sharing academic knowledge and industrial practice. In July this year China has ambitious plans to be a world leader in AI by 2030. China has already taken steps towards that goal by investing in talent. According to the Economist that Chinese research in AI related that Parkinson missions almost 200 percent in last few years. Most of the Chinese universities are running AI programmes. It is estimated that 40% of the world’s training AI scientists are based in China right now. Of course AI is all about data. That is why China has outstanding advantages because nearly all of them use their smart phone to get online and there are incredible data sources. UK and China both have lots of AI space. This summit is a perfect opportunity to start strengthening the collaboration between our two nations.”

"China and the UK are natural partners to advance the AI sector," said Dai Jian, Chairman of Mechanisms and Robotics of King’s College London. Professor Dai emphasized at the summit that the UK leads on creativity and cutting-edge niche-sector technology and China’s AI sector enjoys huge market access, available financing, and great commercializing capability."

The event delivered panel discussions and live tech displays to engage AI and tech companies, start-ups, investors, consultancies and regulators for bilateral investment, collaboration and explored AI innovation.

Aaron Wang, Co-founder of Zige Chinese Education Robotics Company, said at the summit, "the development of AI requires large amounts of capital investment. For example, there are about 2,000 AI or relevant AI start-up companies and research institutes, and there are 20 thousand capital investors waiting to invest in the AI industry. The Chinese AI industry benefits from these investments. I think that AI has been around us everywhere, such as e-commerce, take-away orders, electronics, shopping etc. There are lots of networks and intelligence technologies around us and we are getting used to AI being everywhere."

Zige showcased their latest robot Mento at the event. Mento is an Artificial Intelligence robot built for children aged 4-12 and it comes equipped with the world‘s top educational and entertainment content. Mento demonstrates initiatives to start conversations, responds while listening and use its interpretation functionality while communicating with humans. Jerry Huang, CEO of Zige, said his team is looking for UK universities and education consultancies to become partners in improving Mento’s performance and to localize the product for the UK market. "Although China’s domestic market is already huge, we eyed global growth from day one. Being able to succeed in the UK’s mature market and motivating us to set the bar high, and creates a strong base for our further international expansion," Huang added.

China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF) with Syrus Lohrasb, their CEO at the helm organized the summit. As a multi-industry consultancy firm, CBBF aims to continue driving innovation, flair and creativity by thinking outside the box, building one to one personal and corporate business relationships for assisting British and Chinese companies with their respective market-entry plans, increasingly in the AI technology space.

Editor: Jimmy Michael

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