China Time Memory for Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

Posted by Jian Ping Sun on Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

A fantastic exhibition providing a snapshot of China’s intangible cultural heritage is taking place through London to Edinburgh in August. The treasures of the China Time Memory Exhibition cover a wide range of China’s rich history including Laomeihua Industry, Yidecheng Snuff, Yangliuqing Wood Engraving Picture, Mr. Wei’s Kite, Manchu Embroidery in Kedong County, Brocade of Song Dynasty, Nanjing Brocade and Filigree Mosaic. Also included are invaluable riches from regional areas including Fishskin Picture by Hezhe Nationality, Shamanism Papercut, Agate Sculpture, Manchu and Chinese, Jade Sculpture of Tianjin School, Royal Patching, Cucurbit Craftsmanship, Lianshengzhai Embroidery, and Jasmine Tea amongst others.

China Time Memory Exhibition aims to educate its audience on China’s proud and impressive cultural history, highlighting its traditions and showcasing the progression of Chinese civilisation. Through Chinese art craft history, the exhibition uses the unique charm of Chinese creations to tell the stories of intangible cultural heritage in Tianjin, located in North China. "We are committed to showcasing China’s intangible cultural heritage to the word,” says Shi Chuan, Vice President of ROCKCHECK Group. “At same time we aim to integrate resources through innovation and development so we can promote a positive and healthy lifestyle to our audience.” The Exhibition also hopes that through its innovative techniques in highlighting China’s past, this will inspire others when tackling issues of cross-cultural differences in other fields such as business. It emphasises how lessons learnt from the past are still relevant for the future.

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