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Times Publications Group Limited is a wholly owned independent company, which publishes magazines, and organize trade conferences and exhibitions to bring investors, governments, and businesses together in partnerships to build and support new and sustainable low carbon emission industries, and economies; bringing value to hundreds of corporations that are exploiting its services, and directing many more to new opportunities, strengthening their profits and their positions in the markets of their choice.  
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Times Publications Group Europe Review Olympic Program and Business Partners Directory support the endeavours of businesses across Europe. It is devised to connect corporations and SME's with businesses in their home markets and the international community. view magazine

Balkans Telecom
Telecom revenue in the Balkan region represents a cumulative opportunity of US$87.6bn in the 2011-2015 period. Mobile market will account for 69% of the total telecom revenue in 2015. While in most Western European and Central Eastern European countries telecom revenue accounts for roughly 2%-2.5% of nominal GDP, in most Balkan markets telecom industry revenue account for a much larger share of GDP
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Oil & Gas Global Oil and Gas
In the medium term we can still expect robust oil demand growth. We project global oil demand to grow at a cumulative 6.15 million b/d over the next 5 years. Global oil demand in 2016 will likely stand at 95 million b/d, relative to 85 million b/d in 2005. The developing world, which already accounts for half of the world’s output, will in 2013 overtake the developed world in terms of oil consumption. By 2016 we estimate that EMs will comprise 53% of global oil consumption, with China alone making up 12.8% or 12 million b/d of global consumption.
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BRICS Nepad Business Investment Guide benefits businesses and industries in growth economies. It promotes a robust business Agenda with the support of BRICS economies' Departments of Trade and Industry, and the full participation of BRICS businesses and industries who have registered emerging growth economies in Europe and Africa as priority business and investment destinations in 2013. The project plans to bring new investment, trade, technology, and businesses and finance partners into strong economic mixes in Africa, East Europe, the Americas, and Asia, to add value and generate new economic growth and development.

BRICS Nepad Business Investment Guide guarantees substantial and measurable benefits to its participants through deep foundation in the conferences and exhibitions which are exploited to generate current and active leads for its customers. Participants in the publication are invited to attend events and engage on a one-to-one basis inside specially designed business forums focused on: Brazil- Partners, Russia-Partners, India-Partners, China-Partners, and South Africa-Partners.

BRICS Nepad Business Investment Guide acts as a bridge to channel investors and technology partners from BRICS and other parts of the world in through the Gateways of global growth economies, to partner with good opportunities in the private and public sectors.

Among the companies participating are Kirloskar Brothers from India, Huawei from China, Lukoil from Russia, Telkom from South Africa, and Banco do Brazil from Brazil. They have already established bases in their own countries and are seeking to build in other BRICS markets and elsewhere. High profile contributors providing cutting edge leaders include the Trade Ministers of India and Brazil, and Professor Tony Hawkins of the Economist Intelligence Unit. Copies are distributed to investors, businesses, and trade partners from G20 nations, and to the chairmen and CEOs accompanying governments to leading investment meetings, including BRICS Summit, G20 Finance Meetings, and the World Economic Forum.
Participating organizations can guarantee a stronger future in 2013 by exploiting BRICS NEPAD Business Investment Guide and connect with businesses that are participating from BRICS nations, Europe and Africa. Participating companies will get the best results from the project's Integrated Promotion Plan in print, digital, APPS for Apple and Android, websites, conferences, and exhibitions. Integrated images and messages on the platforms are linked back into customers' profiles generating tangible value, which is experienced by the project's responsive audience seeking sustainable opportunities inside Africa.
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